Call the Moving Company in Columbus, GA That Cares

quick-moves.jpgA-Okay has the skills and experience to do your moving job right.

The professional movers at A-Okay Moving and Storage have the skills, experience and resources to take care of your Columbus, GA area move – whether it involves a single sofa or the contents of an entire house. We are fully licensed and insured so you can rest easy knowing your move is in capable hands.

Our moving company has served Georgia residents for years by providing local and long distance moving and storage solutions to meet their needs, delivered with care and efficiency. We also feature long-term storage solutions, overseas shipping for our military customers and Columbus, GA area express delivery and courier services.

A-Okay Has Everything Needed for Your Successful Move
Our movers have experience handling all types of furniture, from hide-a-beds to china cabinets. They know how to carefully pack your goods to see that they arrive undamaged at your destination. Our moving vans are clean, spacious and equipped with the necessary padding and safety equipment.
We’ll Move Your Business in Columbus, GA too!

Are you planning to relocate your office? Count on A-Okay Moving and Storage to take that thankless job off your hands. We’re pretty sure your employees have more important things to do than load up their cars with workstation dividers and computer gear – that’s what we’re in business for!

Concerned about the cost? A-Okay Moving and Storage in Columbus, GA offers free custom quotes for commercial moving services. We think you’ll find our prices to be more than competitive and an excellent value when you consider the quality of our moving services.

We offer a 10% military discount – call today to schedule your move or request a free estimate: 706-568-8211.


Get moving boxes from your local liquor store


Pay a visit to your local liquor store (that’s where you can buy the aforementioned wine) to see if they recycle their used boxes. If so, ask if you can grab a handful so you’re saving a little paper in your moving journey.

Just make sure the boxes are very gently worn and that you only use them to hold lightweight items like linens and towels. You don’t want to deal with ripped boxes and broken valuables on the big day.

Moving With Kids: How to Keep Them Happy and Occupied


The Big Move didn’t sound so overwhelming at first. Donate all your extra stuff, organize and pack what’s left — no biggie. But now your toddler’s wailing about how he’ll miss his friends and your daughter is going ballistic about starting a new school, which makes you feel like throwing a tantrum yourself.

 Moving can be tough on kids, particularly if you’re leaving the only home they’ve ever known. So before the moving truck arrives, step back from the boxes and focus on making this transition a good one for your little ones.

  1.  Give them a sense of control.
  2. Ask them for “help.”
  3. Make the new place feel like home.

Moving Mistakes – Part 2

6. Using a box cutter to open your kid’s belongings … and Mr. Wiggles is at the top of the box.


7. Thinking one string is enough.


8. Being a lounger and not an unpacker.

543708912_2343f74123_b9. Failing to pack Great Aunt Doris’ china securely.


10. Assuming your coffee table would fit in the passenger seat.


11. Underestimating the size of your figurine collection.


12. Not checking the weather on moving day.


Moving Mistakes – Part 1

1. Give up on packing and just move the whole house.


2. Booking the first “cheap moving van” that popped up on Google, then being disappointed when a cheap, moving van shows up.



3. Remembering that your phone charger’s in there … somewhere.



4. Not bending at the knees.



5. Loading too much on the dolly.


Get It Sold: 10 Tips From a Home Staging Pro


They say you only get one chance at a first impression. So if would-be buyers have already sidestepped your bursting-at-the-seams closet or shuddered at your dreary laundry room, you can’t undo it — but you can do some strategic home staging before the next house-hunter shows up.

Barb Nazzaro, a professional house stager who runs A Simply Staged Home, in Natick, Massachusetts, insists that it’s essential to stage. “When people walk into a house, they form an opinion almost instantaneously.” There’s a knee-jerk reaction that happens, she says; within seconds, buyers either adore the place or want to flee. And while homes in hot neighborhoods may sell themselves, Nazzaro says any home can benefit from staging to bump up the asking price and help speed a sale.

“People see gorgeous homes on television and want exactly that for themselves,” Nazzaro says. And, she adds, just as you wouldn’t wear sweatpants to a job interview, your home needs to put its best foot forward. Moving represents a fresh start, and if your home isn’t clean and doesn’t evoke a peaceful feeling, potential buyers will bail.

Here’s how to make your house gorgeous for its time in the spotlight:

1. Purge the hallway closet.

2. Edit the china cabinet.

3. Liven up the laundry room.

4. Tidy the kitchen cabinets.

5. Scale back on photos and wall hangings.

6. Add a bed skirt.

7. …And while you’re at it, change your comforter or duvet.

8. Round up the kid stuff.

9. Beautify bedroom closets.

10. Don’t forget the basement and the attic.